Hella Bass

On Hiatus, Planned and Unplanned

A while back I made a pretty conscious effort to put my music project on hiatus while I dealt with real life things like Trying to Get a Real Job and Trying to Function Like a Serious Adult Human Being Because I Am Not Getting Any Younger. I planned on it only being a few months to a year,  but now it’s been over two years since I’ve released anything of substance. It’s a deeply frustrating feeling to suddenly have your main sources of stress relief and decompression (for me, both writing music and writing prose) become incredibly difficult and stressful things to do with your free time. At a certain point, busting out my gameboys or fiddling around with ableton just became too stressful, too tedious, to be any fun or use to me, so I went deep into watching tv shows and reading books. I recently had a bug and rodent problem in my house that led to a very hectic rearrangement of the entire upstairs for spraying and laying down traps and poison. The silver lining of this incredibly annoying situation is I had the opportunity to fully rearrange my desk and computer situation to make it far more comfortable to spend a long period of time working. It’s easy to forget how much just having a comfortable workspace helps ease the tedium of writing music or learning a new DAW. This is becoming very obnoxiously like a stream of consciousness exercise, so I’m gonna stop before I start to really ramble, but; the point of this post is twofold:

1.) I’m trying to make use of this expensive ass squarespace that I’m still paying for, for god knows what reason.
2.) I just wanted to let it be known that I am getting back to making music and I will hopefully have some new stuff to show off, chiptune or no, in the coming months.