Hella Bass


The first post on any new blog/website/project is always the hardest to write, so I will do you all the favor of not trying to be overly precious or clever about it. Welcome to the first blog entry on Dauragon.com. I will periodically be writing here whenever I feel inspired to reveal pieces of my process, or when I have exciting news that deserves a little more than a tweet, or when I just have some jams stuck in my head that I feel compelled to share. Or hell, maybe I'll drop a bunch of editorial about whatever on here. The sky is the limit and this is the first time I've actually paid for a Real Website. 

So anyway, a song/video that has been stuck in my head since I first heard it over the summer is KOTO's プラトニックプラネット (or Platonic Planet, according to google translate and my barely surface level Japanese language skill). 

I love everything about this video and this song. I am a sucker for music that has serious locomotion to it, and this song has it in spades. That plus this video being shot on an actual 80's TV camera like idol videos of yore (and like the idol videos that tons of vaporwave peeps have been mining for trippy vis for a few years) makes it totally captivating to me. Anything that visually makes me think of Yellow Magic Orchestra or Jun Togawa is clearly doing something right. KOTO herself is just also a total joy to watch. This kid goes insanely hard and it's super infectious. Seriously: 

This is pretty much what I've been going to for inspiration lately. Don't worry though, I won't be making any Jpop any time soon (at least in THIS form.)