Hella Bass

Dauragon is an electronic musician using the simple, small sounds of old hardware to create large, banging, melancholy soundscapes meant to wrap around you like the ghostly warmth of a long forgotten memory. Dauragon aims to create music that rattles your heart along with your bones. Dauragon is gonna crush this rotten world with his own two hands.

Unique among his peers, Dauragon uses the stabs and crunch of a Game Boy to make experimental hip-hop beats. With sections that frequently challenge the listener to not imagine themselves in a poorly lit basement venue, gently nodding their heads back and forth to the groove while some poor dude spills a beer on the floor, and the mosh pit has calmed down for just a few moments before picking right back up again.
— Tiny Cartridge
Too Real.
— Chipocrite
Welcome to one of a handful of black guys in chip music.
— minusbaby
Mother fucker hits it so hard with the gameboy, bodies start dropping across the nation.
— Heosphoros
— Eric
Is it a pink noise channel or pink shine on ya anime titties channel?
— Melonmint
His music is like the sound of sensuality, reverberating through the echo chambers of the 4th dimension. Haunting, melodic, and inspirational, his work will touch your heart and never exit your dreams. On your death bed, you will hear his venomous beats playing in your eardrums. You wont be sure if this is just your brain relating information to you as it slides into oblivion, or if you truly are entering the next consciousness. Maybe his music is the next consciousness? only time will tell.
— The Russ Man, AKA TRM, AKA Chowderboy.
— That One Dude From Magfest X
Dauragon? More like Boreagon
— James "Calm Down Kidder" Smith
Square waves that make your booty shake.
— Datacats
— EMi
Dauragon is a party in my face.
— Active Knowledge
We were on 2 split ep’s together. Use that as a measure of his success, or mine.
— Big Chip
Not your parents’ cartoons.
— an0va